B Family | Pine Point Scarborough, Maine Family Photographer| Stepheney Collins Photography

Take me back to this summer day at the beginning of September! The breeze was warm and the sand was cool between my toes as we trekked onto the beach at Pine Point. Sarah is one of my closest friends and I was really excited for the chance to do a full session for her lovely family of three. I have taken their photos before, many times, but not in this way. The more family sessions I do, the more I realize the importance of them. The little ones only stay little for so long—you’re going to want to remember your little girl running away from you, hurtling straight toward the water, over and over again. You may tire of chasing her and bringing her back to the blanket, but you won’t tire of the memories. Thank you Sarah and Jake for letting me hang out at the beach with you and capture these moments in time for you.