The Birth of Lincoln | Maine Birth Photographer | Stepheney Collins Photography

Man, oh man am I excited to share these images on the blog today. I have been wanting to tell a story like this for a while. And when I say a while, I mean like 9 years. Ever since I got into photography, I have wanted to witness and document a birth. I feel so incredibly grateful to have been invited into the room with Megan and David to witness the birth of their first son together. You might remember them from their wintry maternity session back in December.

I had been waiting for the text that Megan had gone into labor all of that previous weekend, and Sunday night I went to sleep with a feeling that I might get the text late that night or early that morning. Oddly enough my gut feeling on this was right and I got the text that baby Lincoln was on his way into the world that morning. I threw my gear together, brushed the snow off my car, and drove across a snowy Portland to get to the hospital in time. Luckily I made it and was able to be in the room for about an hour before Lincoln entered the world.

I am still struggling with the words to truly describe what I witnessed. I was blown away by the experience. Blown away by Megan's strength and determination as she pushed new life into this world. Blown away by the connection between her and David, the blind trust that exists between them and how they gripped each other tightly as Lincoln came into the world and was placed on Megan's chest. Because that moment right there, hard-fought, full of blood, sweat, and happy tears, is the one that changes everything. I am so grateful and humbled to have witnessed the miracle of birth. Thank you Megan and David.