Ellis | Maine Fresh 48 Photographer | Stepheney Collins Photography

It's no secret that I absolutely love photographing fresh 48 sessions. There are so many authentic and beautiful moments of connection between the family members to capture, and there is of course, an adorable, squishy newborn to photograph as well!

When Aislinn texted me that their newest member had arrived, I was beyond excited to meet them at the hospital and document this special time for them. The time in the hospital is fleeting, but there are so many beautiful moments to capture. Little Ellis stole my heart with his serene demeanor and his big sister Kallie was such a pro at holding Ellis; she knew when to offer him sweet kisses to comfort him and was so kind as she held him on her lap.

It's always such an honor to be able to document the growth of a family over time. From a sweet family of 3, to a beautiful family of 4—how lucky I am to be able to make time stop and document these moments! Thank you Aislinn and Charlie for trusting me to capture these moments for you.