G Family | Peaks Island Lifestyle Family Photographer | Stepheney Collins Photography

Sometimes I am heading out to a session and it hits me—I have the best job in the world! On my way to meet the “G” family for their extended family session on Peaks Island, I found myself sitting on the ferry when a wave of gratitude washed over me. I feel so lucky that this is the work I get to do, that I get to capture the love and connection between families. It seriously is the coolest thing to witness and I want to reflect back to my people the true emotions that they feel during their session when they are surrounded by the people they love most in the world.

I had an absolute blast at this session, from the moment Alan picked me up in the golf cart and brought me to the vacation rental the family rented for their annual summer trip to Maine. This family hails from Texas and they made me feel so welcome that after five minutes with them, I felt like I was part of their crew! We started in the front yard of the house, with a gorgeous green backdrop for some group shots, before heading over to a beautiful rocky outlook to get some photos with an ocean view after. Eleanor, the family’s newest and youngest member, is so loved by all and I loved capturing the different relationships—aunts, uncle, grandma and grandpa, and mom and dad! After their session, I hopped back on the ferry with a huge smile on my face, so happy to have met this family and so grateful they chose me to capture these memories for them!